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by admin on October 1, 2012

take control of your healthcare budget


Rbi Premium was born out of years of experience working within the framework of the Private Medical insurance Industry, and was conceived as an alternative to the traditional medical insurance offerings available in the marketplace today.

Simply put, the rationale behind most current-day Medical and Expat coverage is flawed, and ignores the primary reason for medical cover which, ideally, should seen purely as a hedge against emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Most people seek cover for peace of mind – they want to be secure in knowledge that should tragedy strike they are prepared for the eventuality.

The private medical insurance industry in general seems to have lost sight of this primary motivation for the purchase of cover, providing instead for their clients a sort of all-inclusive medical expense account that encourages all medical claims regardless of the severity of the ailment or the urgency of the need for treatment. The result is an increasing number of small claims, often well within the budgets of the claimants. This increase in claims in turn results in an increase in overheads and administration costs for the insurer which often far exceed the cost of the actual treatment.

These costs are, of course, passed back to the customer.

While Rbi does provide 100% cover for all legitimate medical issues, we rely upon the discretion of our members to determine what exactly constitutes an emergency expense. To further encourage this discretion, we offer, dependent on your membership type, no-claims bonuses, or claims allowances and savings schemes as a reward for contributing to keeping overheads and administration costs down.

Because Rbi Premium operates a private trust facility, we are able to pass the saving back to our members and limit membership cost increases in line with the actual rate of inflation, medical or otherwise, as opposed to costs incurred by organizational bloat and mismanagement.

If taking control of you and your family’s medical costs appeals to you, Rbi Premium has the answe

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