Top 10 tips for travelling abroad: insurance, health and security

by rbipremium on October 5, 2011

Rbi Premium top 10 travel tips

Annually, hundreds of thousands of people  go overseas on holiday for business or pleasure.

While there is no reason to beieve that anything will go wrong while we are abroad,there are a few common sense tips we reccommmend to keep you safe and sound while you are away.

 1. Know where your embassy is.

Check your embassies website so you know where help is should you need it.

2.Check international travel health information

You should check the web for health information before you travel, so you are aware of any health risks at your destination.

3. Visit or at least consult with your Doctor

Make sure you are current with any necessary inoculations or vaccines.

4. Get a European Health Insurance card

If you are travelling within the European Economic Area you should make sure to get your European Health Insurance Card for free or reduced care.

5. Know the local emergency numbers

Find out how to dial in an emergency in whatever country you are travelling.

6. Follow the local laws

Make yourself aware of any local laws or customs that may differ from home, you don’t want to find yourself inadvertently breaking local taboos.

7. Protect your valuables

Don’t flash valuables.  Mobile phones, digital cameras and watches are easily salable and a favorite target of thieves so be careful. Also lock your luggage when in transit.

8. Avoid misunderstandings

Be aware of where you are, in certain areas photos and binoculars should be used with care, especially if there are military installations nearby.

9. Check the water

Cliche, I know, but stick to bottled water and avoid salads and non-peeling fruit. Many advise against ice in drinks but ice is generally safe.

10. Travel insurance

Make sure you take out some quality comprehensive travel insurance, in case something does happen. Whether you actually end up needing it or not, you win either way.


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