The Universal Language of Expat Health Care: Rbi Premium On-Line Clinic

by rbipremium on September 28, 2011

Rbi Premium Online Clinic

The idea of being treated by local health systems in foreign countries can be worrying for many expatriates and travelers alike. Doctors and medical staff who communicate in different languages to those we are accustomed can make it difficult to feel at ease while seeking treatment. In addition to the language barrier, we often assume that we will receive a lower standard of care compared to our home country, and in some instances, these concerns are justified.

One result is that many expatriates spend far too much on their medical bills by receiving treatment at expensive private clinics and high-end hospitals.

This happens a lot in Asia, where the standard of hospitals, cover, services and doctors’ experience and/or qualifications differ greatly from country to country.  Expats in turn are increasingly becoming wary of selecting a medical plan or health insurance policy to purchase as they are all looking for a plan that allows them to personally choose where they go for the care they require.

In the event your choices are limited, a virtual clinic facility is an excellent solution that manages to get around a majority of these concerns by allowing patients to communicate directly with a doctor in their own language or one that they understand, as if they were actually visiting a local  practice or hospital. In addition to this improved communication, the virtual clinic can allow a doctor to pre-consult, or study a patient’s symptoms and prepare for a physical consultation before actually meeting the patient in person. Another advantage is the virtual clinic allows a patient to seek a second opinion from an online doctor if they are unsure of the diagnosis they have already been given.  Most of these types of virtual clinics also have the ability to store, online, medical records and important information relating to the patient’s health such as blood type, allergies, existing conditions, and current medications.  This online medical record can prove to be  a real advantage when dealing with multiple doctors or hospitals.

Rbi Premium is a new concept membership program that gives its members full medical and travel coverage benefits as well as free access to the Rbi Virtual Clinic and a DoctorGlobal online account for the storage of your personal medical information. This online record is HIPAA compliant so that you need not worry regarding the safety of your personal information, and your personal medical coverage is managed as a facilitated membership without the premium increases and limits associated with traditional health insurance. Combined, these two great facilities help break down the barriers of foreign language problems and unfamiliar healthcare systems to restore the confidence of expatriates receiving medical care abroad.

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